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Ali Khan

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Name: Ali Raza Khan
Organization: YES Network Pakistan
Title: Founder and CEO
Ali Raza Khan is a social entrepreneur, motivational speaker and trainer whose passion is to promote youth as a solution in the society. For the past one decade, Ali has served as an advisor, trainer, speaker and coach to several hundred public and private institutions of Pakistan. He is a founder of a nonprofit Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan which has planted the seeds of youth engagement in the country. Ali has played a pioneer role in introducing and institutionalizing the concepts of youth service, service learning and youth social entrepreneurship in the country. Ali has reached out and empowered young people living in poverty, isolation, social exclusion, discrimination and helplessness. His organization has impacted the lives of several thousand young people. Ali has endeavored to bring business practices to nonprofit organizations and international development agencies, encouraging their sustainability through earned income, in more than 120 organizations nationwide for over a dozen years. Ali had the opportunity to study in the best institutions of the world such as University of Oxford, McGill University, Johns Hopkins University and the Government College Lahore. He has been promoting creativity, innovation, self-determination and problem-solving among young people and children. He has launched several exciting projects in the leading schools, universities and communities of Pakistan to help children and young people to overcome social, economical, psychological and emotional problems which prevent them to live a life of their dreams. In 2004, Ali was given the title of ‘Sauvé Scholar’ by the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation in Canada. In 2005, Ali was given the title of ‘Architect of the Future’ by Waldzell Institute of Austria. In 2006, Ali was selected as an Ashoka Fellow. In 2009, Ali was selected as one of the top ten leading social entrepreneurs from Asia by Global Knowledge Partnership in Malaysia. In 2011, Ali was given Azma-Ali-Shan Award by the leading media companies of Pakistan. In 2011, Ali was selected as a Common Wealth Young Professional Fellow. In 2012, Ali was invited to speak at TED. Ali has served as a consultant, trainer and facilitator for several local and leading international organizations such as ILO, British Council, Population Council, Church World Service, Caritas Pakistan, Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary, etc. He has conducted over 300 training workshops for over 1,000 small and medium scale youth driven and youth serving organizations. He has given talks and presentations at the leading international platforms and educational institutions of the world. Ali is author of several articles, modules and a book entitled "Starting Business with Social Objectives."