Title: Operations Manager
I grew up associating with many farmers and participating in Agricultural activities myself. I know what difficulties farmers in Rural Areas experience. From what i have seen and experienced, I have always been dreaming of a possible way to solve some of these problems. When I joined University after High School, I did a Bachelors' Degree in Computer Science and during my time at University, I learnt more about systems and Software development(Including Mobile Application Development). With skills and experience like these. I got inspired by the current situation and difficulties facing farmers in developing Countries(Like my Country Uganda) and I therefore thought of this LUNDAgric System which helps small scale farmers easily market their products cheaply and effectively. The system also sends occasional SMS messages to all registered users (Farmers) on good Agricultural practices, Disease outbreaks among others. This system does not only help Farmers or sellers but also buyers who wish to purchase some goods or products. I derive my motivation from life's experiences, difficulties facing farmers in their daily hard work trying to ensure they yield the very best from their relentless efforts. The JakuzaApp or project brings difficult to access information closer to farmers. It also alerts them about the urgency of preventive mechanisms with regard to any disease outbreaks. Agriculture is my Country's biggest contributor to the economy. It contributes more than 60% of Uganda's economy but still a lot of money has been lost to uncertainties of climate change and disease outbreaks or epidemics. An estimated excess of $300 million has been lost to these hazards in the past five years. My passion is to improving the lives of those around me by providing innovative solutions to most of society's problems.

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Nov 05, 2014 / 3 Comments / in Youth development

LUNDAgric enables livestock farmers in Uganda to more accurately track their Goat, Rabbits, sheep and cows’ gestation period via mobile phone and access agricultural information on markets, prices, animal and crop health among others.