Belinda Njefi


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Name: Belinda Njefi
Organization: The Hand of Change (THoC)
Title: Founder
Belinda Njefi is a motivated young person who always believed in the potentials of young Africans in bringing about positive change in their communities. As an active member of one of the largest International youth organizations - AIESEC, Belinda got inspired by the capacity and ability of young people to impact their communities and decided to give back to her community in her own little way. This inspiration gave birth to the organization The Hand of Change (THoC) in 2013 which is a pan-African youth–led,not-for-profit organization whose main objective is geared towards personal and community development. THoC envisions empowering youths to take responsibility for their personal development and that of their communities.

Challenge Entries

The FEEL Africa Academy aims at initiating children between the ages of 7 to 14 to leadership basics so that they discover and learn about what leadership is with more emphasis laid how the can become Exemplary Role Models in communities (homes, schools, etc) & the importance of showing Empathy.

'Youth unemployment is an “epidemic” that represents “a great test of our time,”said UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon,during a visit to the International Labour Organization.Today youth (ages 15-24) make up 17 percent (1.2billion) of the total global population, so what will their future look like?