Ben White


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Name: Ben White
Organization: VC4Africa
Website: http://www/
Title: Founder

Challenge Entries

VC4Africa aims to be the Facebook of Venture Capital in Africa connecting 1.9 million African based entrepreneurs. We are working to pioneer a crowdsourced venture capital movement on the continent (connecting hundreds if not thousands of startups). We seek to do this by lowering barriers to investing in the continent’s most promising entrepreneurs. We strive to connect people, promote ideas and simply inspire action. is a platform for crowdsourcing the due diligence process. Also for sourcing resources (financial and otherwise) for entrepreneurs and their projects. We use to boil business ideas down to one page, members actively discuss projects and score them, our algorithm ranks the best projects in a dynamic like feed so we can accurately connect them to investors.

Afridex is an online aggregator of African business information. It was created for the purpose of making it easier to look-up information about companies operating throughout the continent. is a platform for crowdsourcing funds for African projects. An important tool for connecting entrepreneurs with a global network of possible investors.