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Name: Brian Spear
Organization: Spear Construction inc
Title: owner
Brian Spear – Christmas Tree Fire Safety Tips The Holiday Season is a time for festivity, joy and presents. But what most people don’t know is that lurking behind their beautiful Christmas tree is a disaster waiting to happen. Brian Spear, the President of well-known general contracting firm Spear Construction, has offered a few tips that will help prevent your tree from becoming a potentially deadly fire hazard. Brian states that a common mistake families make is they put up their live Christmas trees too early. He recommends that in order to maintain freshness and diminish the chance of hazard, trees should only go up two weeks before Christmas, and be taken down soon after. Also, trees should never be placed near a heating source such as a fireplace or heat vent. Even if the tree doesn’t catch on fire directly, it will dry up faster, and be more easily ignited. All too often people forget that trees need water. Thus, be sure to fill your tree stand with water at all times. In addition, Brian Spear urges families only to use non-flammable decorations. That beautiful postcard you received from your family member – leave it on the mantle, a safe distance away from your tree. Regardless of whether your tree is live or not, never link more than three strands of lights together unless the directions tell you it’s alright. And always use an extension cord. Most importantly, Brian suggests that homeowners ditch real candles in favor of battery- operated flameless ones. Candles are one of the main causes for fires in the home, and paired with a Christmas tree, can make for a very dangerous scenario. Brian Spear has renovated many homes that were damaged by Christmas tree related fires, and although his team is well equipped to handle these unfortunate incidents, no one wants to go through the trouble of repairing their home unnecessarily. So this Holiday Season, be sure to follow Brian’s fire-safety tips. Your family will thank you for it. Happy Holidays from Spear Construction.