Buddha(Bishan) Bajracharya


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Name: Buddha(Bishan) Bajracharya
Organization: Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO)
Title: Coordinator
In Nepal, most of the people have no choice but to consume foods with high amount of pesticides which have negative impacts in the health. Organic farming can be the best solution but there is decreasing trend of agricultural land. Roof Top farming (RTF) done in the unused spaces on the roofs can be the wise solution. Till date many household are practicing RTF in Kathmandu which has inspired me to start RTF in my house. I believe RTF can be scaled up to bring positive impacts such as production and use of organic foods, waste management at household level, climate change adaption. To scale up, RTF should be linked with local market and as a youth I foresee many youth entrepreneurs can be engaged in practicing and promoting this business. All these opportunities have inspired me to promote RTF in my city and I always tell to myslef, "Yes, we can dot it!!!"

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Aug 01, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Green business, Sustainable agriculture, Urban, Waste

The project has been developed with a view to promote organic urban agriculture through Roof Top Farming in such a way that, it positively brings impacts in urban environment as well as creates entrepreneurship in local markets making the concept of green jobs viable in true sense.