Carissa Purnell


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Name: Carissa Purnell
Organization: Alisal Family Resource Center
Title: Director
I am an educator who believes in uplifting and developing the voice of my community utilizing knowledge, learning, and critical thought as the catalyst for systemic change and empowerment. Through education I believe in intentionally and deliberately combatting inequity and injustice to develop the youth in underrepresented communities to find a voice, professional pathway, and establish their place at institutions of higher education. My leadership and management approach directly recognizes the interpersonal and emotional assets of my staff to encourage and build their love to deliver education in a model that is culturally responsive to our community.

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The Salinas Public Library Learning Center (SPLLC) provides opportunities that promote educational growth, and advocates to develop a lifelong commitment to critical academic engagement through the implementation of youth inspired learning models that recognizes community youth as agents of change.