Chari Ratwatte


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Name: Chari Ratwatte
Organization: Rural Returns (Guarantee) Limited
Title: Stanford Social Innovation Fellow - Managing Director, Rural Returns (Guarantee) Limited

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Rice, the only gluten-free major cereal, is the most important food source in the world and is the staple food in almost every developing country. Yet rice cultivation is almost exclusively a small-holder activity, with plot sizes averaging 1 hectare or less. Sri Lankan small-holder rice farmers are trapped by insufficient scale, and impoverished and ignored for generations by the perverse incentives of national food security, which demanded breeding for conditions alien to most traditional paddy lands, under costly high-input conditions in larger plots.

We help rural communities achieve higher incomes & invest in community-led development by helping smallholder farmers identify & develop unique, market-oriented products & connect them through non-exploitative value chains to stable markets paying fair prices.

Our first products are Heirloom Sri Lankan rices unique for their tastes, colors, aromas, nutrition - & histories