Christopher Ssebuyungo


Name: Christopher Ssebuyungo
Organization: Uganda National Museum
Title: Museum Educator and Coordinator Children's Resource Center,
I have been a leader throughout my school environment, not only there but also everywhere i have worked. To go a bit back, when i was in high school i did one thing that was un expected from the school administration. With the characteristics of a leader minus any status of leadership at this school being a new student, i was advised by the teachers both the director of studies, the school director, head teacher, teachers and students themselves to stand for the head prefect post. With my interest in concentrating more in my books, i denied it. This never convinced the administration of the school, therefore with no option i was appointed the hostel captain managing the boys. A few weeks down the school received students from a violent environment of Norther Uganda. By then it was a region of insurgencies where the world known rebel Joseph Kony abducted school going children into rebels. Among the victims was most of these students that joined the school. They were rescued and dispersed in different supporting organisations. Many especially the boys were still violent and every one at school used to fear them. As a result, the school director was in great fear of losing some of his royal students (clients). He one time called me in his office, he gave me full powers of decision making where by if any boy from these new students caused violence in the hostel i should automatically write a letter to him authorizing expulsion of these students because i spent more time with the boys than any other teachers at school. He latter appointed me the school head boy resulting from the leadership i exhibited in Hostel captaincy, I accepted all these because i had seen that i needed to change the school environment, the discipline of the students, sanitation and smartness of the students and saving these student from being expelled because of their discipline, more importantly they needed studies. The truth is they never respected or feared any one at school. So the school environment changed to tension in both teachers and students. As a leader, i befriended and they became open to me, so we would talk about their past experiences and then counseled and reconciled them on the importance of going on not concentrating on past bad experiences. They started shaping even when there was work to do, i led them by first doing that work. Am the only person that achieved their attention and i converted them into leaders. It was my influence that all the boys survived by expelled from school and became leaders. My successor came from these boys and every one at school gained the positive attitude towards these students. I spent more time with them familiarizing with them as one person, telling them stories how they were to look like in the society if there were no change and how positive towards them would be if they had changed.

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