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Name: Claire Quigley
Organization: Smartmail Ltd
I am a final year Gnó agus Gaeilge (Business and Irish) student working in partnership with a second year Electronic Engineering student in Dublin City University. We are working on a material collection monitoring system that severely reduces truck-roll. This reduces emissions, increases efficiencies and cuts costs. It is an entirely new product that is different from anything else in the material collection field. Our company is Smartmail Ltd. Our innovative monitoring system is currently intended for use primarily in the postal sector but with vertical applications into waste management and private mail management. The Smartmail monitoring system enables material collection operators to reduce truck roll i.e. vans driving to each box. Reduced truck roll leads to reduced fleet size. Reduced fleet size decreases carbon emissions, decreasing the carbon footprint and improving levels of air pollution. Reduced truck roll also improves the logistical operation and enables companies to impose sub logistical allocation of resources. Sub logistical allocation would involve locating vans in busy areas to save truck roll from a central location. This will enable postal operators to effectively reduce further truck roll as the minimum transportation to a central location would be required. This has optimum ecological efficiencies in all resources particularly the time and motion efficiency. Greater ecological efficiency makes Smartmail a green solution to acquiring intelligence and optimizing resources. Smartmail is currently powered from long life batteries but we are investigating the possibility of introducing Solar Power and Piezo Electricity. . Smartmail will develop solar panels that can be installed on a post box and will charge the internal monitoring system. As Smartmail is a low power device solar panels combined with piezo electricity would be sufficient to run the monitoring system. Piezo electricity is electricity generated by kinetic energy i.e. people walking past. Smartmail will have a concealed plate external to the box and when people step on it, it will compress generating kinetic energy. This solution will be particularly effective in busy areas with a high level of pedestrian activity such as city centres.

Challenge Entries

Our company is a high technology innovative company. Our monitoring system will provide an ecologically viable collection system.