Clea Rupp

Name: Clea Rupp
Organization: Enfants des collines
Title: Founder of the association and of the Kibili Project
My sister and I have founded the NGO Enfants des collines (The Children of the Hills) twelve years ago when we were 18 to work in development cooperation in West Africa. We have developed programs combatting child trafficking, offering microcredit for the creation of income generating activities (palm oil, soaps, snacks, etc...), as well as for organic farming. With this association, we have also worked to increase access to clean water, build schools and health facilities. As for my personal career, I received my master in Development studies in 2012 and worked in the Development sector since then (AFO, WFP). I decided in 2015 to devote myself entirely to the Kibili Project that I founded and which is presented here.

Challenge Entries

The Kibili Project’s overall goal is to contribute to the fight against poverty and food insecurity by decreasing post-harvest losses of avocado crops, improving trade circuits and oil processing techniques in the region of Kibili, Guinea.