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Name: colm byrne
Organization: DAYSE
Title: CEO
Our focus is to use energy to make a difference. We have a uniques funding model where we help people to save energy and raise fudning for a social enterprise of their choice. The funding raised is spend specifically on energy saving with the beneficiary thus creating an on-going donation. We also raise funding for developing world energy projects for poverty alleviation I was inspired through many years of working with energy and realising the money people are wasting and that it could be used to have a big impact providing energy solutions to those who need it most. I have just recently launched DAYSE but the mechanisms behind it are a number of years in the testing.

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DAYSE is a not-for-profit energy charity.
DAYSE provides the platform to raise funds for positive impact energy projects, through energy saving measures. The funds raised, by participants saving energy, are used to help social enterprises and poverty alleviation through energy provision.