David Asiamah


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Name: David Asiamah
Organization: Agro Mindset Group of Companies
Title: Founder and CEO
David is the founder and CEO of the Agro Mindset Group of companies which comprises the Agro Mindset Organisation, Agro Mindset Farms, Agro Mindset Brokerage, Agro Mindset Logistics, Youth In Agriculture Support and the Ghana Young Farmer Awards. He is a farmer by profession and he guides the group with his switched-on strategic vision, values, and fresh approach to engaging the youth in agriculture. The philosophy of the mother company -Agro Mindset Organisation- is premised on its belief in the ideals and potential of the sustainable development paradigm, in raising agriculture in Ghana and the diaspora to prominence. Our interest is in aspects of late twenty-first century agriculture, which places an emphasis on sustainable development. Critically, the vision places emphasis on value chains, entrepreneurship and ‘farming as a business’ which lends support services to entrepreneurs in the valuation and planning of value-added agriculture. Regardless of the fact that agriculture is likely to remain a key sector for young people in much of Ghana, it has an image problem. The Ghanaian society generally has a negative perception of agriculture; which is detrimental to the sustainability of the sector, hence a need for appropriate and timely intervention, especially one that would enable the youth to believe in the vast prospects of the sector and to ensure that the agricultural sector becomes more productive and sustainable. Our “Green Revolution” focuses exclusively on educating the youth on the prospects of agriculture, encouraging students to pursue agriculture related programmes in higher academia as we mount this campaign in the agriculture industry. We focus on breaking stereotypes and awakening young people to an industry that is exciting, dynamic and vital to the future of the planet as we establish global, sustainable platforms to create a sustainable positive change. With an ever-increasing world population, and growing pressure on the world's finite resources, the analytical skills of agriculture oriented professionals are as relevant as ever. Agro Mindset is at the forefront of agriculture education preparing interested youth in diverse functions, industries and academia to master tomorrow’s agriculture today.

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The Agro Mindset works towards on educating a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial agriculturalists; to cultivate within them critical reasoning and problem- solving skills and the nerve to take advantage of the vast opportunities in the agricultural sector across the continent.