David Cadia


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Name: David Cadia
Organization: CADIMO
Website: http://www.cadimo.com
Title: Leader of Positive Change
My name is David Cadia I was born in Los Angles California where I lived and worked my whole life until I decided to go on the adventure of my life. Ten years ago I was working in a .com in Burbank, CA designing web pages when the bubble burst and all hell broke loose. I decided I needed a change and contacted my brother who was living in Nicaragua and convinced myself that it would be an amazing experience to live in another country and learn about a different culture. Since I was a child I always felt a strong connection with Nicaragua. I would always spend my summer vacations in Nicaragua visiting my mom’s family. These amazing experiences truly opened my eyes to how different the world was outside of the United States. I remember walking into a supermarket during the 1980s in Managua where the isles were completely empty. There was hardly any food because of the civil war. It was such a contrast to the supermarkets back home that were always full of every food you could imagine. The war has been over for over 20 years and people are still suffering because of extreme poverty and the lack of visionary leaders. There are abundant natural resources, talented hard working people but Nicaragua has to become innovative. Innovation is my passion and I believe innovation can help take Nicaragua out of the abyss its been in for some many years. I live and work here because I want to help transform this country for the better.

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Nic Boutique provides artisans, producers and designers a platform to express their talents, empower themselves, and learn to become more financially independent!

Half the population of Nicaragua is unemployed and 70 percent of the people live on less than a dollar a day. There are abundant natural resources and thousands of talented, hard-working people ready for a new opportunity.