David J. Becher


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Name: David J. Becher
Organization: UTOPIASTADT
Title: Chairman
I was just living across the street of an old abandoned train station, minding my own business. Than came UTOPIASTADT. Now I'm the nonprofit association's chairman and deeply swallowed by the black holish effect of that project, trying to fundraise as hell to preserve the building and to support as much creative and society-changing projects as possible. I'm an Utopian.

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Dec 18, 2014 / 1 Comments / in Arts & culture, Community development, Networking, Volunteerism

When cyclists meet urban gardening, when hackers collaborate with artists, when photographers share ideas with longboard-builders, when designers discuss perspectives with urban administrators and when all of this is scientifically accompanied in high-classed seminars - this must be UTOPIASTADT!