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Name: David Ntirushwa
Organization: Rwanda Medical Association
Title: Change Maker

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Apr 08, 2015 / 0 Comments / in Medical Research

Antibiotics can be used to treat or prevent infections before they occur.Women who give birth by cesarean section require antibiotics for prevention.This study will clarify if a singles dose is as efficient as prolonged doses in a developing country to contribute to evidence based practices.

Many women risk life and health to unsafe abortions when unwanted pregnancy occurs.

This project aims:

•To contribute at giving knowledge on a consistent and correct use of modern contraceptives methods adapted to local context.
•To reduce cultural related stigma towards unmarried pregnant women and unwanted pregnancies.
•To decrease the prevalence of sexual violence against women.
•To provide compassionate assistance to rape victims
•To provide support to women with unwanted pregnancy by special antenatal care as most of them do not benefit from pre conception care.