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Mirakle Couriers

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Name: dhruv lakra
Organization: Mirakle Couriers
Website: http://miraklecouriers.com
Title: Founder/CEO
Dhruv Lakra has a strong background in the social and finance space. He started his career in investment banking at Merrill Lynch and shifted to the social sector after the devastating Asian tsunami of 2004. While living with the fishermen community for four months he found his true calling and decided to work in the social sector. He has helped a lot of social organizations scale impact through their programs, and strategic planning. After working for two years in this sector he went on to pursue his MBA on a full scholarship from the university of Oxford as a Skoll Scholar. After Oxford Dhruv founded Mirakle Couriers in Mumbai which is for profit courier service that employs low income deaf youth. The deliveries are done by deaf men, and the back office is run by deaf women. For his innovative work with the deaf at Mirakle couriers, Dhruv has been has been awarded the Helen Keller Award, the prestigious echoing green fellowship based in New York, the national award from the President of India, and more recently the highest civilian award from the Jammu and Kashmir government, and the CNN IBN Young Indian Leader Award.

Challenge Entries

We strongly believe that if a scalable for profit courier service can employ low income deaf adults across major cities, it will lead to more people with disabilities (PWDs) being employed in the labour force ultimately leading to conducive national polices for their employment. In the long run, Mirakle Couriers aims to mainstream and integrate people with disabilities, including deaf adults by breaking barriers of employment that come in the way of their employment.

A courier/express service set up to generate employment for the low income deaf youth in india. The business will generate large scale employment; improve their standard of living and integrate them into mainstream Indian society. These adults suffer from severe to profound deafness. The pick up and drop is done by deaf men; back office sorting, tracking, and accounting of parcels is done by women