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Name: Dietmar Stuck
Organization: PM Pumpmakers GmbH
Title: PUMPMAKERS: Provide water & work to tackle poverty!
“In the Maasai region I saw people walk over 30 miles a day searching for scarce amounts of water for their families. I saw broken hand pumps because of lack of maintenance. I saw fuel driven water pumps not working because of the lack of money to run them. Existing water wells were outdated and needed to be improved and this is what brought me to the idea of building a solarpowered water pump that avoids these disadvantages and can be manufactured locally. Water is our most preciousresource. Water is life.” Dietmar Stuck, CEO & Founder

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Nov 14, 2015 / 0 Comments / in Education, Rural development, Water Supply, Food

A virtual marketplace that helps people help themselves, provides individuals, entrepreneurs & NGOs with access to the world's first DIY Solar Pump. The positive effects: it helps reduce the global water shortage, strengthens the local economy and creates jobs.

The NSP Solar Pump is the world’s first "Do-It-Yourself" solar pump.

Distributed via the online "Pumpmakers Platform", it will provide more than 2 billion people with access to water and work in the most effective and sustainable way.

Pumpmakers has created a groundbreaking sustainable solution for the global water crisis and an unique concept to end poverty worldwide. We develop a selfsufficient solar pump that provides a longterm solution for underdeveloped and rural areas to gain reliable access to safe, clean drinking water and work. We are giving the know-how for self-construction and so the opportunity to build his own business and strengthen the local economy.