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Name: Digital Green Foundation
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Digital Green builds and deploys information and communication technology to amplify the effectiveness of agricultural development efforts. The unique components of the Digital Green system include (1) a participatory process for local video production, (2) a human-mediated instruction model for video dissemination and training, (3) a hardware and software technology platform for exchanging data in areas with limited Internet and electrical grid connectivity, and (4) an iterative model to progressively better address the needs and interests of the community with analytical tools and interactive phone-based feedback channels. Digital Green has been shown to be at least ten times as effective, per dollar spent, in increasing the take up of sustainable agricultural practices by farmers compared to traditional approaches to agriculture extension.

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Apr 18, 2012 / 16 Comments / in Rural development

Digital Green works towards improving food security and alleviating rural poverty. It does this by producing and disseminating videos by farmers, for farmers, and of farmers on locally relevant agricultural information. Its communication model blends technology and social organization to bring about behavior change, which empowers individuals to sustainably increase their productivities and incomes.