Douwe van Loenen


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Name: Douwe van Loenen
Organization: Drinking Water as a Service (DWAAS)
Title: Founder & Director Business Development
After my masters degree in Economics I started work as Director Business Development at the LiveBuild Foundation. We work on local water and education projects in Cameroon and support local organizations and communities to set up their own projects. During my work in Cameroon I noticed that it is very hard to make a real change. Although our projects really make a change on a community level, we need a different approach to reach real (large-scale) change. This is why I founding Drinking Water as a Service, or DWAAS. Through a social enterprise we combine the strengths of both NGO’s (social) and for-profit companies (financial) to realize real (large-scale) change and serve 200.000 people with access to safe drinking water within five years. In Cameroon an estimated 5 million people are denied this basic necessity. 80% (4 million) of these people live in rural areas that are systematically ignored by international financial markets and companies. We want to connect them to the necessary knowledge and finance to make a real change.

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Drinking Water as a Service (DWAAS) is a social enterprise that invests in safe drinking water projects in rural area's in Cameroon.