Dr. Shelly Batra


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Name: Dr. Shelly Batra
Organization: Operation ASHA
Website: http://s01.opasha.org/
Title: Founder and President

Challenge Entries

I have witnessed, first hand, the devastation caused by joblessness, and how families sell their meagre assets, become homeless, starve and migrate in search of work. Such instances made my resolution strong to strive and make a difference by providing sustainable job opportunities. This is precisely one of the key objectives of my NGO OpASHA.

Knowledge is power. Tuberculosis patients must visit a treatment centre 60 times in 6 months to get medication.They find it difficult to continue treatment and adhere to the regimen. Intensive education of patients, families and communities saves lives by ensuring compliance , prevents missed doses and subsequent Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, and minimizes the spread of Tuberculosis.