Duncan Moeketse


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Name: Duncan Moeketse
Organization: Global Developmental Corps
Title: Founding Director
It takes life uncertainties to break the resilience of a person. The news flash that you are HIV positive is the least anticipated of all the life traumas. With the aspiration of becoming a youth leader, advocate, an icon for positive change Duncan sees himself as a global individual fully capable of forming solutions to global issues. Duncan, an aspiring social entrepreneur and a philanthropist, is social activist who strongly believes in the strength within every individual to make a difference in the lives of others. He has done some coursework in public health and community development practise and his passion for sustainable development has seen him to be an inspiration for change and he continues to strive for social justice and to promote social entrepreneurship and philanthropic initiatives throughout South Africa and the world. He is a South African resident and renounces the title of a Third World individual. Duncan holds various portfolios and is a member of numerous local and an international organizations and networks amongst others, the International Young Professionals Network, Global Youth Coalition of HIV/AIDS (GYCA), City Year Alumni and he is the Founding Director of Global Developmental Corps (GDC) and Global Sefika Setsoto. He has actively participated in a number of international civil society activities and events including the World Youth Foundation, World Trade Organization’s Ministerial, Oxfam International Youth Parliament, ICASA and City Year Cyzygy. He shares extensive experience on Sexual & Reproductive Health, Human Rights, HIV/AIDS and youth programming, strong personal experience with HIV/AIDS, in-depth knowledge of HIV/AIDS in terms of treatment, care and support and other core issues and a working understanding and experience of advocacy and campaigning across many different levels (local to international).

Challenge Entries

The project aims to empower young people to communicate their ideas, exhibit their potential and to take social action in their communities through articulating their messages by Digital Media and creation of the arts. Global Developmental Corps (GDC) will deliver an innovative program for the youth to engage in hands-on on media production by producing Arts – photography, creative design, videography and poetry using Adobe Computer Software that the organization has secured and to tell their stories and share their perspectives on the social issues that affect them.