Durukan Dudu


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Name: Durukan Dudu
Organization: Anadolu Meraları
Title: Co-Founder
Dreaming, devoting, doing. I believe That's the 3D of "how to save the world before giving up". I'm in "ecology world" of Turkey for 10 years now. An activist, volunteer in many projects and campaigns, worked in NGOs for local seeds, local development, capacity building for youth, and so on. 2 years ago (after 6 years of hard work to prepare the conditions for), we moved forward (not back!) to rural as a youth collective. Building up whole-resilience, a strong community not only for ourselves but also for local people around, setting up a good habitat for young people to learn about sustainability, hard-work and practical skills and restoring soil is our main work. Because we know that "saving the world" has never been so much urgently needed, possible and fun in human history. Beside the Ormanevi Collective that is now a place of full-time work (20+ food crops produced with very limited resources, tools of production being recycled, reused, reinvented and reproduced by ourselves), we also started Anadolu Meraları, official Turkish Hub of Savory Institute's Holistic Management. We have a small livestock herd that we're managin holisticly to improve 4 hectares+ land, sequestrating carbon, building up top soil and increasing the resilience of the land and of the people living on it. Anadolu Meraları works hard to train new people with Holistic Management, be a model to show that all this is very much possible, while having lots of fun. Along all this journey, I've learnt' that, if you know what you want, if you devote yourself into it, and finally if you work hard for it... Nothing is impossible.

Challenge Entries

Ormanevi Collective empowers young individuals to become a land entrepreneur based on regenerative agriculture in order to regenerate our planet, our economy and our societies.

OPMIWOHA+ (Open Minds, Working Hands) is a throughout model to enable young people establish vivid, entrepreneurial and regenerative initiatives in rural. Combined with Savory's Holistic Management for large-scale restoration of grasslands, OPMIWOHA+ is a leverage point for food, climate and soil.