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Name: Dziedzorm Segbefia
Organization: BraveHearts Expeditions
Title: Expedition Leader
Dziedzorm “JayJay” Segbefia is General Partner of BraveHearts Expeditions and works as Expedition Leader on the firm’s Outdoor Leadership and Experiential Learning adventure programmes. He led the firm to win this past year’s StartUp Cup Ghana Business Model Competition, in which he was personally acclaimed and honored with the Ghana Angel Investor Network’s coveted Most Promising Entrepreneur 2013 Award. The firm subsequently placed second in the first World StartUp Cup Competition hosted in Armenia in January, and compensated four months later by winning the Enablis Business Launchpad Competition, co-sponsored by UT Bank Ghana and ABL. JayJay is a Washington Fellow of the prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship of the US Government’s Young African Leaders Initiative. The Mandela Washington Fellowship embodies President Obama’s commitment to invest in the future of Africa. The first class of Mandela Washington Fellows arrived in the US in June 2014 for six weeks of intensive executive leadership training, networking, and skills building, followed by a Presidential Summit in Washington, DC. Through this initiative, he and other young African leaders gained the skills and connections they needed to accelerate their own career trajectories and contribute more robustly to strengthening democratic institutions, spurring economic growth, and enhancing peace and security in Africa. Although his academic backgrounds are in Communication Studies and Journalism, JayJay has over a decade’s experience in extensive adventure leadership, having conducted a total of 387 jungle, mountain, white water and wilderness experiential learning expeditions across Africa. Before founding BraveHearts Expeditions, he honed his skills as a Public Relations officer of the Kings University College in Accra and briefly as Junior Communications Adviser to the African Cashew initiative (ACi) of GIZ, Germany’s leading provider of international cooperation. Some of his unparalleled expedition achievements are as follows: Ghana 1999-2014. Mountain-hiked over 131 jungle routes, leading high grade expeditions in all survival terrains. Extensively developed private hiking routes in the Akwapim-Togo-Buem Ranges, including 31 first international expeditionary force ascents into the Togolese uplands from Afadjato. Tanzania 2006 to 2013: Kilimanjaro. Guided over 15 expeditions to Kilimanjaro. 5895m Routes: Lemosho, Machembe, Western Breach, Rongai and Umbwe. Fastest hiking ascent of Umbwe /Western Breach route to summit down Mweka route in 56 hours. Morocco 2007: Atlas Mountains. Jebel Toubkal 4200m and 2 other 4000m peaks. Guided 12 international clients. Mozambique 2008: Isla de Mozambique to the Tanzania border. (330km. 9 days) Zimbabwe 2009: Chimani-mani Mountains. 5-day treks on the range into Mozambique. Climbed the rarely climbed 5th range in 5 days. Ethiopia 2010: Guiding in the Simian Mountains. Ras Deshen 4700m.

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Our Adventure Sports business, BraveHearts Expeditions, introduces modern-day explorer teams of Europeans and Africans to life in the deeper recesses of the Ghanaian Jungle in ways that create a profitable business and provide economic incentives to rural communities to prevent ecosystem decline.