Elena Tzamouranou


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Name: Elena Tzamouranou
Organization: Alternative Trade Network sce
Title: Co-Founder
I always defended the weaker around me and was fought injustice. But timing five events led me to change course in life: First, staying unemployed in a very unfair way led to my decision not to work again without having a say on the business. The second was when I heard the story and the problems of Mrs Soula, a small producer of a village in Konitsa fighting for her economic survival due to the unfairness of trade. The third event was through my child and the uncertainty I felt when it came to food. Labeling only confused me and I was upset that I could not find who produced our food, where exactly and under which conditions. Fourth time was a trip to an eco-community where I became a fan of the products produced there and was sad that I hadn't access to them back in Athens. Finally, it was my husband who suggested I should promote quality and traditional Greek products abroad. It was in the spring of 2011 when I said “I will do it, but it will be my way”! That’s when I started to research & design the alternative trade as a model & as a business. Not only did I manage to include all my beliefs on that plan but also my working experience (product manager, presales engineer & business development manager). I’m very happy to see it getting real 2 years later being myself part of the team of Alternative Trade Network sce!

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Trade is not working in our country, neither for producers nor for consumers! Our aim is to change the focus of the commercial process and shift it from the product to the person who produces in Greece & the person who consumes it anywhere!