Elizabeta Jovanovska


Name: Elizabeta Jovanovska
Organization: KALEN - Platform for self-realization and sustainable ways of life
Title: Director
AIM: Through working with people on their empowerment and social responsibility, to contribute towards personal and collective maturing, social change, as well as towards wholesome and more creative outlook of life. By uniting experiences from different fields, to work towards sustainable development of individuals, relationships and environment. All places that pulsate energy & emanate calmness. Places that make you hold the breath in awe. Places that cheer you up with their diversity and playfulness. Places with people. Nature. Also, the ultimate place of peace within. I'd like to see the tipping point in human consciousness becoming a reality; and resulting in changes of behaviour, values, thinking, relating to the other in a more human way.

Challenge Entries

The program consists of seven core keys based on one’s own relationships with self, others and the World. Who we are, what we do and how we live?