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Name: Ely Bonder
Organization: Les Medias Emage-Media Inc.
Title: Founder, Youth eMage Jeunesse
Founding organizations that empower youth through media and broadcasting Quebec and Canada Youth empowerment in Broadcasting: Retired now as a video (ENG) editor at CFCF (CTV), for the past 30 years, Ely Bonder has always had as his personal goal, the empowerment of young people in the TV medium. After graduating McGill University with a BSc (1973), and studying Educational Technology and Cinematography at Concordia and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts School, he was contracted by the National Film Board to create an environment and video curriculum for elementary schools. The results were published in “HANDS ON” (Anne Taylor, NFB, 1977), and reflected the use of video techniques by grade-five students to map and measure their community environment. The Federal department of Communications supported Ely Bonder’s project “BECOMING US” (1978) to allow teenagers to use multimedia to explore the ramifications of stereotyping, and at that time he also taught audiovisual techniques at the elementary level. At CFCF , Ely piloted a TV newsmagazine conceived by early teens. He then teamed with Ottawa producer Roger Price to apply for a non-profit satellite TV channel for and by kids, a CRTC application (KIDSCAN TV) which eventually morphed to become the popular YTV. In the interim, he founded a group that received federal and provincial grants to enable francophone teens to conceive, write, and produce a TV series pilot screenplay. In the newsroom at CFCF, Ely received an RTNDA (Radio & Television News Directors Association) award for a feature he produced that queried the implications of news and young people. He developed Animated Editorial Cartoons and acted as Associate Producer for the pilot of YNN (Youth News Network). He was also producer of an edu-tainment video about a day in the life of a TV Newsroom. Youth eMage Jeunesse Inc. (www.emage.ca) , a non-profit organization, was initiated by Ely Bonder to encourage media literacy and empowerment of young people in the New Media, and to ensure that all young people, no matter their means, could collaborate and network with each other and with mentors on projects of their imagination; eMage aspires to provide youth access to entrepreneurship through Broadcasting. eMage won a Gigathon 2000 prize and a Telediversite 2007 prize, for work with young people in media. Private and public funds were granted to eMage for various projects and to create a physical studio for youth in a distressed community of Montreal. As a follow up to that, Ely founded a Social Economy company called Les Medias Emage-Media Inc., whose aim is to create a Virtual TV Studio for youth, to enable mentorship, collaboration, creativity, and entrepreneurship within the New Economy, through New Media and Broadcasting. In the fall of 2006, Ely was invited to co-produce a PSA (public service announcement) on behalf of the CAB-ACR (Canadian Association of Broadcasters) to strengthen the image of persons with disabilities in society and the workplace. Ely is now piloting the Intergenerational Video Project : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tnpYoG7C2k&list=PLQFhwFZ5w-QRoaE25P3Ja5cpKv4cD9PcW

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Wellness win-win.Wear a device invented by young Ann Makosinski, modified so that it creates energy through body heat. The stored energy is then downloaded to Hydro via a two-way plug for cash credit on your bill. Massive adoption by citizens mitigates hydro-production issues. Fun, fitness, profit.

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The eMage Virtual TV Studio is a collaborative, mentored web space where youth can EXPRESS their realities and which engages their creativity.

The Virtual TV Studio for Youth : a mentored, collaborative web space for all high schoolers across Canada and around the world, in partnership with local TV broadcasters and their clients. A place to create for school, and the real world.

NewsRap.TV is a web video and TV project engaging students in news issues and events,locally and internationally.NewsRap encourages youth to express their feelings about news through blogging,music,rap and poetry,and offers mentorship,creative web collaboration,and taped performance of NewsRaps by youth on local TV news programs.