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Name: Meg Wirth
Organization: Maternova, Inc.
Title: CEO
Meg Wirth is the founder of Maternova and a S.E.VEN fellow. She founded Maternova in 2009. She has worked on women's health throughout her career in areas as diverse as starting a home visiting program for teen mothers in Appalachia to monitoring and evaluating a major Safe Motherhood initiative--funded by USAID and implemented by John Snow International's Mothercare project-- in Jakarta and South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Meg has also worked as a member of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Health Equity team and co-edited a major volume called Challenging Inequities in Health. She was a co-author of the UN Millennium Project’s final report on child and maternal health. An innovator at heart, over the last several years she co-developed the strategy for the first global health social venture capital fund with a focus on women's health in low-income countries. She has a BA from Harvard University and an MPA in international development from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School. Emily Ellison Fallon is part of the Maternova team working on various projects and business development. Emily has studied social globalization and its impact on HIV/AIDS advocacy in Brazil and Mozambique. A particular area of interest of Emily's is in cultural competency in the introduction of health related technologies/practices. She graduated from Brown University with an Honors Degree in Development Studies.

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We are the global e-resource providing content, commerce and collaboration in a single location to speed uptake and radically reduce maternal and newborn deaths. Health providers of all vocations (and their organizations) can connect around, access, and test cutting edge innovations and protocols.

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Maternova has created the first e-commerce platform connecting medical device innovations and end users. Our goal is to rapidly disseminate information and life-saving products at an equitable pace in order to speed the reduction of maternal mortality and morbidity. Our platform combines content, commerce and collaboration for a highly practical, efficient new business model in global health.

Maternal deaths are declining worldwide, yet over 350,000 women will die this year. Nearly all these deaths are preventable. A new non-invasive device is saving lives, for @$2.50 per use. The Non-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment (NASG) literally buys a mom one day so she can be transported to proper care. It's effective, sustainable, and proving invaluable in the field. Maternova has helped fund the CE marking, along with the commercialization of this device.

Maternova is the first global Innovation Marketplace and online Information Sharing Community dedicated to saving mothers and newborns.

Premier marché mondial d’idées et d’outils visant à porter secours aux mères et aux nouveaux-nés à travers la promotion de produits de santé innovants.

Primeiro mercado global de ideias e ferramentas que salvam mães e recém-nascidos. Ajuda fornecedores primários a ter acesso a produtos inovadores de saúde

Es el primer mercado mundial de ideas y herramientas para la salud de madres y recién nacidos, a través de la promoción de herramientas de salud innovadoras.

Maternova is the first global marketplace for ideas and tools saving mothers and newborns. We help frontline providers track and buy innovative health products.