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Name: Emmanuel Amoah
Organization: Clean Water Ghana
Title: Mechanized urban water project for rural sustainability - Clean water for Ghana
Emmanuel Odei Amoah, is a young man, born in Accra but lived most of his adult life in very remote areas in Ghana. Having gone through the educational career, I have become more resourceful to the thinking that urban settlement can play a role in rural development. The concept of clean water was developed from a community project which saw the determined mobilization of rural people to repair a damaged borehole. I was encouraged by this enthusiasm and developed this idea. Clean Water -Ghana, is a project which primary focuses on using resources from water projects executed in urban areas to help rural folks. The implementation plan is to develop mechanized borehole systems for schools and institutions that have the resource capacity to pay and generate revenue out of the project. This payment refund and revenue so generated for a period of one year will be invested in a rural community water project for free. The believe is that rural economies are providing so much to feed urban regions and it high time the ecological footprint left in these communities be much to be desired. With the current economic burden and increasing cost of social amenities including water, the best way to helping both the urban and rural societies will be through borehole projects. This system if well executed with the need funds, will tackle the millions of dam water dependence in most rural settlements. It will interest you to know that for most rural dwellers, dead persons buried in their compounds tend to affect their water delivery. We believe that this trend can be changed and most importantly the reason for change makers. The underline project vision is to provide portable mechanized borehole water to urban dwellers (those that have the resources to pay) and use the proceeds to provide a free borehole to rural areas. This is the only way we can help rural persons.

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Jul 24, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Environment, Rural, Sustainability, Water Supply

The Urban mechanized borehole project for rural development is one initiative that will impact both urban and rural areas.

Basically, the projects seeks to provide affordable but paid borehole for urban areas for a long term so that its cost and revenue will be used to fund rural water projects.