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Schmidt Erika

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Name: Erika Schmidt
Organization: Aktív Egyesület, Élményakadémia Egyesület
Title: manager, trainer, project manager
In my childhood I lived a period that effected my adult ages a lot: I faced with violence, used drogs, met dangerous people and I was trying to find my place and peace in the middle all of theese. I couldn't count on my family. Somehowe I built up myself, and started to fight in another way: I wanted to develop myself and show to me and others that I am able to be strong. With the help of some mentors step by step I discovered my values, interest and strength. Than I met sport-recreation and experiential education method in personal development. I started to develop by it and in the same time learn to use it, and be a trainer. Year by year I realized that I can give hintsi to those people who face similar situation and mental crisis as I did before. I went to a foster home and offered aerobic classes to girls living closed there. Later on I started to work with Élményakadémia (Academy of Experience) as an experiential education trainer, and I brought many new ideas and projects into the organization. One of these was to deal with foster-home children. Since that time this became Élményakadémia's main profile. In last year, I estabilished a new non-profit organization, called Aktív Egyesület. The reason is that Élményakadémia focuses mainly on experiential education and outdoors. So I wanted a partner organization, where I can realize my other type of projects, mainly focusing on sustainable solutions for endangered youngsters. Of course the two associactions wants to work together. In the same time I work in an adventure park, that is a for-profit company. My current projects: With a radio and other civil associations in Budapest, With the adventure park and fosterhome, With Aktív Egyesület and a Special School. My basic point of view is always, how to connect several interests and give a common result by working together? I believe that there are much more possibilities as it seems, only some outside help is needed. My life itself confirms this is truth.

Challenge Entries

The project's aim is to create a community that involves youth with disadvantages and sustain the group's activity for the future. We base an acrobatic, drummer company with the goal of playing shows in Hungary with the help of our publisher partner. Youth will gain personal development in a community which offers creative work for a real goal. Rhythm and action are alluring enough to give new reason for lifechange to endangered youth.