Evi Xyrafa


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Name: Evi Xyrafa
Organization: Believe In You
Title: Founder and CEO
The idea dawned on me when I lost my mother, after a 7-year battle with cancer. I realized then that we should pursue our purpose in life, while we are still strong and healthy. With all this negative atmosphere around us, due to the crisis, people waste their precious time living mediocre lives. They don’t dare to dream or believe in themselves. My life’s purpose is to train people achieve their true potential. Two weeks after my mum’s death, I decided to devote myself to training again, so that I help people lead happier and more meaningful lives. I shared my idea of organizing free seminars to the public with friends and colleagues. I started to plan and implement the whole project with my team at www.flowmagazine.gr in January 2013.

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“Believe in you” is a social business that organizes and conducts free personal development seminars. Our main goal is to provide life skills lessons and mental empowerment to women, children, elderly and unemployed people so as to fulfill their goals and live their dreams.