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Name: Ewa Danuta Bialek
Organization: INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOSYNTHESIS. Centre of Sustainable Human Development
Title: Ph.D.
I was over many years longlife scientist (now retired) in the field of medicine, passionate researcher of human functionning and health/disease problems. After years I discovered I am searching the causes of my problems rooted in my traumatic childhood experiences. It led me to deepen my knowledge and learned a lot of methods to heal my problems from the perspective of the system of psychosynthesis which I found especially useful to recover. Over many years I founded Association Education for the Future (1997); and created educational programs of Self-education and Health Education, which prevent therapy, as well for children, parents as teachers. Among of them were elders. I wrote also many scientific articles (150) concerning model of education for the future; and wrote several books (25). My vision of education is published in a project of Open Education2030 on a blogs.ec.europa.eu. Recently through the Institute of Psychosynthesis, established in 2004 I am devoted especially for women above 50 to support their health, enhancing their quality of life and share life wisdom

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This initiative brings together self-education system with many possibilities of self-expression, holistic health care, recreation, technologies etc.