Filip Åslund Tröger


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Name: Filip Åslund Tröger
Organization: Greaid
Title: Founder
I am 23 years old and live in Falun, Sweden. I think everyone can do and have exactly what they want, if they only decide what that is, and start acting. I have begun to move toward my dreams in life, which is to develop ideas from concept to reality, and wants to help others do the same. But when you follow your dream and do what you want you must also do so in a way that allows future generations to have the same opportunity. It's very important for me that my jurney towards my dream does not reduce the opportunity for others to achieve their. Therefor I am very passionate about young entrepreneurship and sustainable development. I see myself as a social entrepreneur and want to contribute to sustainable development, and to do that I mostly believe in educating the younger generations. Before I started working with Greaid, which is the project I'm running now, I developed a company that would provide sustainable tips and advice to individuals. Before that, I have also worked on other projects for entrepreneurship and sustainable development, and also served as a sales representative for a telephone company. Over the years I have worked on various projects I have gained experience on how it is to develop businesses, and built up a broad network of experienced individuals. Along with me, I have a very experienced team that helps me develop Greaid, and I know we can make a big difference and contribute to sustainable development.

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We combine education about sustainability and social entrepreneurship with school fundraising, while supporting sustainability projects.