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Name: Gathel Moyo
Organization: Ambassadors 4 Change
Title: founder
Ambassadors 4 change is a community based organisation which is meant to bring community commitment and development through volunteerism this is meant to help people uplift their area of influence within their communities. Ambassadors 4 changes are leading individuals who instil positive attitude to the youth helping them take charge of future challenges. Ambassador 4 Change was created in 2013 in Windsor area as a way of bringing awareness and help to community members facing a variety of social problems.Its existence will see the establishment of crisis centres, support groups, health awareness activities, business assist programmes in different communities. Background to social problems the community of Windsor has had an influx of people moving in from other area, as a result there has been a raise in social problems such as overcrowding a raise in crime, spread in infectious diseases, and unemployment. This has left people vulnerable, poverty stricken and in desperate need for assistance.The need to bring about change in the traditional community development has seen the creation of community based development programme through the Ambassadors 4 Change who act as a change agent putting the community members in the forefront of the developmental plans. This means the community will be responsible for its own development progress. A need to reduce unemployment through empowering small scale business, and for people with operational skills Response to community problems The ambassador for change will be responsible for a variety of community development programmes which will put the community members on the spot light giving them exposure to programmes that suit their demands. Leadership and business training will be provided by trained personnel who will give a detailed training and mentoring to possible entrepreneurs. With help from social workers, counsellors and care givers there will be training and deployment of Care givers lay counsellors, health promoters in different communities were they will establish solution for social and economic problems that are within their areas. Identification of families who are in need of assistance such as social grants, bursaries for school children. Though project 100, children will be assisted with winter clothing, blankets, shoes and stationary. Identification of orphans and vulnerable children [ovc] in communities will enable us as an organisation to source the much required assistance. Community health awareness programmes which will help bring health issues into the forefront. Distribution of health awareness material will be done through our volunteers with help from local medical institutions with in the region. Establishment of crisis centres indifferent communities Mission and vision: to work together with young people in different neighbourhoods/communities creating a positive change towards life threatening issues, as a result we will be able to contribute immensely to the nation through our upliftment programmes Goals To create an effective community transforming programme which will train and mentor people in different socially and economical fields. Improved social relation as people get skilled on basic communication and on how to maintain good relations [care2love] Basic business skills will enable people to start small businesses and create employment Values • Work orientated- putting value in the work we do as an organisation in order to achieve more and get the much appreciated results • Relational- building relations with communities we look forward to working with and organisations that already functioning in a much advanced level • Skill provision-acquiring skilled personnel who will pass on the knowledge within the team • Team building –implements one language Ambassadors 4 change will facilitate • career guidance and skills transfer programme • book view and home work centre • Volunteer programs and volunteer training • training in income generation programs and team building • clean up campaigns and outreach programs • basic counselling and health awareness programmes [ get tested, know your status, take responsibility] • re-integration of profiled youth, recovering addicts, delinquents • sport academy • youth empowerment scholarships for under privileged students • rent a brother/sister initiative • awareness programmes in schools and crime watch in communities Start Positive activities for people. Ambassadors 4 Change will be involved in community upliftment through a variety of programmes such as Community marathon- to raise awareness of issues affecting the community Home work centre- meant to help out kids with homework and other educational activities Book view – provision of various study material, story books for kids at the play centre and the homework centre Life culture- through art and dance, this group will enable the youth to interact and explore their maximum ability in art, dance music and other creative form Urban Revive- this programme will necessitate the maintenance and management of communities’ valuables such as parks, pools and community centres. *Plan to infiltrate Windsor community creating action groups with support from the local community .e. social workers, clinic, and local stores, co-operate world

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Our Mission is to keep less children warm in winter starting with the by providing food and educational material. We also help provide blankets, jerseys, sweaters, hats, scuffs and beanies.By so doing we hope to empower the less privileged children within our community and other communities