George Appiah


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Name: George Appiah
Organization: Creativity Group
Title: Founder & Managing Director
George can be described by four ways, Social entrepreneur, technologist, renewable energy entrepreneur and a changemaker. His strong belief in youth empowerment for national development and the use of appropriate technology for solving localised problems is easy to spot. At our current development stage and with problems which we faces which includes high levels of youth unemployment, inability to solve our own problems, lack of entrepreneurial drive, lack of supporting of innovation and not creating a platforms for youth to partake in and influence national development, this solving this problem as we tend to, will help recourse and generate solutions to these problems. I strongly believe the university is be a great channel of solutions, innovation and enterprise because it is blessed with the best of the nation's human resources and all these can be realized with our platform&empowerment George sees a future where the youth are job creators not job seekers.

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Kumasi Hive is a Tech and entrepreneurship support multi-space which seeks to nurture local innovations and supports the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the youth to solve critical challenges in our society and also to accelerate needed transformation in the lives of the people.

Africa is plagued with a lot of problems. But where are problems, there also exist opportunities. We see these problems as a unique opportunity for us to empower the youth to solve our own problems through innovation and technology and further help them to establish businesses out these solutions