Robyn Nietert


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Name: Robyn Nietert
Organization: Women's Microfinance Initiative
Title: President

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WMI provides comprehensive village-level microfinance for women in rural East Africa with a sustainable program that the women run themselves. By providing capital, skills training and computer support, WMI launches successful entrepreneurs who, after 24-months, graduate to financial autonomy and transition to bank loans and the formal economy. Repaid loan capital is recycled for maximum impact.

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WMI’s village-level microfinance program offers loans, training and support for rural African women. Access to computers and internet are the tools she needs to compete in the modern business world.

WMI provides village-level microfinance to launch women into business, graduating them in two years to mainstream financial services to grow their businesses.

The Women's Microfinance Initiative works with village-level organizations to bring loans to impoverished women in East Africa so that they can generate revenue, build savings, and accumulate assets. It wants women to be able to stabilize their income, raise their households’ standard of living, secure better opportunities for their children, and trigger regional growth through business creation. WMI boosts women out of poverty by providing critical skills training, peer-to-peer mentoring, and local program administration.