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Name: Geraldine O'Brien
Organization: LifeStor Media Ltd
Title: Lifestor Digital Story Archive
My background is in Interior Architecture, I have run my own design practice for over 20 years. Additionally I taught Exhibition Design to Irish craft makers, originating from a request from The Craft Council of Ireland. I developed a simple programme to make it easy to remember design principles by using natural storytelling. It kept my students attention and was easy for them to recall my stories when they needed them. so to teach and curate life stories through LifeStor is a natural step for me. I have always been empathic and righteous and am very passionate when I set my mind to achieve something my experiences with life, health, family, work all help to bring a different approach to developing a Digital Story Archive. My husband was told he had two years to live but we fought the illness together and discovered an appreciation for a simpler life. From this we learned that the most important things are being surrounded by family and friends and helping others to get over the bumps in the road of life. I increasingly became aware that my design training didn't equip me to solve some of the problems that my clients were asking of me. It interested me that they seemed to be based around memories, stories etc This is one of the many stories throughout my life that has prompted this journey to find a beautiful lasting way to record life stories safely; While I designed a home for some Magdalene Women in Dublin city I had a nagging feeling I hadn't completed an important aspect of the job. It was some time before I understood what had bothered me. Discussing with the women what they wanted in their new home, they all began with the words" The reason I'm here" and it was odd. It took me some time to work out that what they needed was a way to tell their story, so they could move on with their lives. It struck me that everyone needs a simple, safe way to tell their story. It's the missing piece of the jigsaw of our lives. Stories, documents, ephemeral data etc can be lost, damaged or significance of something misunderstood. I have an ability to join together seemingly unconnected things, so connecting the need to capture stories with what I had learned from my husband's recovery from cancer made me see a way to help others with this knowledge. I started working on this project full time in January 2012 and I am now ready to bring LifeStor Story Archive to life. LifeStor Digital Story Archive is a safe way for storytellers to find a deeper understanding of their life. By sharing this learning with others helps people through difficult times. Future generations can learn from the past.

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LifeStor Digital Storytelling Archive beautifully curates the important stories that have touched our lives. It helps to us enjoy our achievements and find happiness and contentment in our lives.