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Name: Graeme Bowman
Organization: Wise Women Will Save the World
Title: Founder
Through my work as a writer, corporate comedian and lateral thinking facilitator, I've been exposed to the role played by diverse corporate and government entities in either worsening or alleviating complex global problems. Also, my consciousness around the rights and empowerment of women has been heightened in recent years by witnessing my own wife’s transformation as she transitions from being a 'stay-at-home mother of three’ to a confident contemporary artist. As I researched these issues, the root cause kept returning to the damaging effects of patriarchal systems. I concluded that a way to counter this was via a core of women with the attributes to foster mutual support and spark commitment within other women.

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Oct 27, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Arts & culture, Communications, Media, Women's issues

This global online community will foster a contemporary form of wisdom within women, and share and generate highly creative, often artistic, techniques of communication and influence that shift thinking and inspire action in the complex areas of social, economic and environmental sustainability.