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Name: Hakisa com
Organization: Hakisa.com
Title: We bridge generations
Hakisa seeks to narrow the digital divide related to usability by offering a free technological cloud based mediation service facilitating the use of the internet. Based on intergenerational help, the free service without commitment, offers a space where family, seniors and caregivers can easily communicate. With its simplified and well-adapted ergonomics, Hakisa.com facilitates the use of the internet for seniors and other challenged users and reinforces the social link. Thanks to an intuitive and well adapted user interface, seniors can easily browse the web, stay in touch with their family and friends and share their passions with the community. In order to simplify the use of the internet, Hakisa offers a unique and personalized platform for every single user, according to a user profile that can be created and customized by the user himself or with the help of a trusted person, called the Musher. The platform also offers a secure space dedicated to professionals operating in the medical and social world (personal service providers, insurance companies, local and automation services, etc.) to better assist the senior in case he is in need. Thus, offering a free service that facilitates the digital communication Hakisa bridges generations and the digital divide.

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Jun 14, 2013 / 0 Comments / in Aging, Health care, Intergenerational relations, Mediation

Hakisa.com is a free intergenerational mediation platform allowing users challenged by the digital divide to benefit from the advantages of the WWW.