Haya Hamasha


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Name: Haya Hamasha
Organization: SUSTA fashion
Title: Idea Owner
I am Haya Hamasha , Jordanian woman.I have finished my bachelor degree in renewable energy engineering from German Jordanian University. I did live in Germany for one year which had expand my horizon about sustainability. I am co-founder at NGO called Senergy which aims to spread awareness about sustainability. I have passion for fashion design which is was the main driver for me to start my new bossiness SUSTA fashion which also aims to create fashionable and sustainable fashion lines. I speak 3 languages (Arabic, English, German). I love traveling and dancing and public speaking.

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Nov 17, 2015 / 0 Comments / in Business, Consumer protection, Social enterprise, Civil rights

SUSTA fashion is Sustainable fashion ,Unique pieces ,Smart look,Timeless outfit and Affordable line.
looking forward to make the change in fast fashion over consumption, thus fast fashion industry.
trying to complete the cycle to sustain this industry, instead of growing linearly with one winner .