Heather Turney


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Name: Heather Turney
Organization: the Global Team
Website: http://www.theglobalteam.org
Title: Founder
My organization, the Global Team, takes the field of sport for development to the next level. By integrating soccer and primary education with the sport, we are able to create sustainable learning environments that encourage students to engage in their education and allow them to create within their education. The place I feel a connection to is one that is dependent, not on the physical location but the environment that is created, the environment inspired by a football. For carrying around a football/soccer ball instantly brings friends, old and new, young and old to your side. This universal love for the sport and connectivity inspired by those who play, make the football pitch, conventional or not, my favorite place to be. I want to see universal education, that uses sport to support creative learning environments, empowering youth to think beyond what they see and to achieve their dreams. As Founder of the Global Team, I combine my experiences working within the educational and youth soccer spheres. Having developed and directed multiple soccer after-school soccer programs integrating topics such as Spanish, English, Art, Earth Sciences and Healthy lifestyles, among others, on the soccer field. I bring this background to our organization, leading our resource, partnership and brand development as we look to integrate primary education with the sport of soccer.

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The Global Team provides youth the chance to learn, play and lead through integrating soccer and primary education to empower creative team players.