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Name: Heidrun Mayer
Organization: Papilio e.V.
Website: http://www.papilio.de
Title: Chairwoman of the Board
Heidrun Mayer’s PAPILIO program teaches kindergarten children how to recognize and express emotions using a series of simple toys and lessons, greatly enhancing their resiliency, improving the pre-school environment and preparing them to become active learners and successful students. This emotional literacy program is spreading quickly through a social franchise model which trains educators and is transforming early childhood education practices throughout Germany. I have a fondness for the mountains of Bavaria because it is where I can relax, recharge my batteries and think about new ideas. The mountains are my life balance. Heidrun is changing the face of early childhood development in the education system through her newly developed, comprehensive approach to teach empathetic ethics and emotional literacy in German kindergartens. I trained as a kindergarten teacher, working with children aged between 3 and 6. Afterwards I studied to be a social worker. I trained kindergarten teachers for 10 years and developed a lot of ideas during this time for children of this age. In 2002 I began to develop Papilio. I now lead this organisation and train the trainers for Papilio and sometimes also the kindergarten teachers themselves so that I keep in touch with the coalface, so to say. Another important aspect is to develop networks, political and business, in order to raise awareness of Papilio. An unavoidable aspect of my work is of course raising funds to continue our work.

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Papilio is a program to promote social-emotional competence. It helps children to be more self-confident and more in touch with their feelings.