Igor Kokcharov


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Name: Igor Kokcharov
Organization: Aplusclick
Website: http://www.aplusclick.org
Title: Founder
I started the website www.aplusclick.com for giving children a free tool for developing their logical ability, spacial thinking and numerical literacy. E-learning professional. Twenty five years of professional experience as a project manager in applied research and software development. Authored the series of e-books on iTunes and Amazon.

Challenge Entries

A+ Click helps students become problem solvers. No fees, no ads, no calculators, no sign in, and no frustration. The website features a graduated set of over 4000 meaningful math problems for students in grades one through twelve, starting from the very simple to the extremely difficult.

The purpose of this project is to help students become problem solvers. The goals of the project are 1) creating a portal which allows children to develop their logical reasoning and creative thinking and 2) providing a large number of children with the free service. The collection of math challenges is adapted to large skill range from the simplest notions to extremely difficult ones. We collect the most interesting math challenges and make them available for children.