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Name: Institute Intercer
Organization: Institute InTeRCeR
Title: Institute for Sustainable Development and Holistic Solutions - InTeRCeR
Iztok Erjavec and Klemen Bizjak, co-founders of Intercer, had a conversation in year 2013 about the worsening of social situation in Europe. Iztok, who works on landscape ecology research for master study has mentioned that there are many older people living in the countryside that possesses agricultural land but cannot work on it due to their age and suggested that they should be joining forces with unemployed people in towns to produce food. Older people possess knowledge of the sustainable multipurpose farming that took place in the past when they were younger, before the introduction of large monocultures of intensive industrial farming systems in agriculture. They can teach unemployed people about organic agriculture through practical work on their land. Klemen supported the idea and since both have a common view and knowledge from natural sciences they saw a challenge to create jobs in terms of doing well by doing good. The first step was the application of the project idea to competition for funding by the EEA Grants and Norway Grants. We are working on the implementation since then.

Challenge Entries

Is it possible to solve crucial problems in society and environment together and at the same time providing services and products for wider society with simple approach of intergenerational sharing of agricultural land?
Yes it is! And we know how to do it!

Future eco-social project that unites people with a desire for organic locally grown food for improvement of their social and economic situation. We are connecting elderly owners of uncultivated agricultural land with unemployed people, those who have land with those who need land for growing food.