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Name: Ivan Svetopetrić
Organization: Forum50+
Title: president
CV Ivan Svetopetrić, MSc. Forum50+ association president and manager of this project W I T H O P O I S Date and place of birth: 30.08.1944. Sisak, Address: Radic branching 9, 10410 Velika Gorica Phone: 099 316 5537 ; E-mail: [email protected] PROMOTION Registration number of scientists Master of Engineering: 185246 EDUCATION 1960th-1990th Gymnasium Vladimir Majder Kurt Sisak " Faculty of Transport Engineering, Graduate Program "Multimodal Transport", Rijeka WORK EXPERIENCE 1972 - 2008. - Lecturer at the Central railway school in Zagreb (Organization and transport technologies, transportation geography, use of cars and transport manipulation) - Instructor of Mathematics and Informatics - A teacher from the subject TRANSPORT at the Sisak - Head of Transport - Train Dispatchers - Technology officer, capacity development, the chief engineer, manager of technology and integrated transport - Economic affairs and finance planning and investment and improving transport technologies - Director of Transport - Member of the Management Board - Director of Marketing HZ - Head of improvement and rationalization - Executive Director of Transportation Railways constitutions - a - Member of the Supervisory Board of HZ 9 years - Expert and researcher in technology and rationalization Since 2000. - in early retirement - Advisor to the Trade Unions and the Railways - Member of the negotiating team for collective agreement - Marketing manager in the Association Celis Zagreb - User Association Lobby and Women's Business Center Samobor - Lecturer at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences President of the Centre for Forum 50 quality of life in it project management: 1st Railways and the Environment - Friends of Children 2nd IT training of the elderly 3rd Education, "50" 4th Open the doors of hope and the family line 5th Intermodal and the environment - the needs and opportunities 6th English for the generation of 50 7th Info Course 50 8th Charity (assistance to persons lost both legs) SOME MAJOR OPERATIONS Designing the internal structure of large systems Revision of technical documentation Making standards work and the Creating rules and labor earnings HZ Managing the project "Rationalization of goods" Managing the project "Small shipments (now Dom Express Ltd.) Project management of integrated transport (now the Agency for integrated transport doo) Project Management internalization union Mediation in the negotiations on the collective agreement Rail - Work in working groups: -Nomenclature, -Curricula for education on the fourth degree / program advice to the Ministry of Education turnover RH President of the self - and RH education for Transport EDITORIAL and society: 1st Member of the Editorial Board of Journal Trains in theory and practice 2nd Veteran Website Railways - a (www.hznet.hr) 3rd Veteran Website union railway 4th Reviewer of numerous papers and manuals 5th Prezentant numerous papers and workshops 7th Author of many manuals 8th Trained hundreds of students the basics of computer science and computer and Internet 9th Author and co-author of numerous professional advice top managers 10th Co-author and member of the editorial board of the brochure "Environmental benefits of rail" 11th Co-author of the book: A collective agreement, and rules of the Croatian Railways (p. 204) 12th Environmental benefits of rail as a precondition for social partnerships / Darko Pavičević, John Svetopetrić In: Modern traffic. - Zagreb: Croatian Scientific Society for Transport, (2002), 1 / 2, pp. 20-25. - Literature of Economics, University of Zagreb for the course Ecology Membership of the society. HZDP - Croatian Scientific Society for Transport Committee for the advancement of technology (GKH) Member of Croatian Society for Systems Other The most senior Croatian delegation chosen by the EU and the Ministry of Social Policy of the Republic of Croatia CHARACTERISTICS AND SKILLS - Responsibility - Tolerance - Positive thinking - Optimism - Communication Skills - Readiness for continuous learning and development - Organizational skills - Teamwork Works: A Handbook, a book, participation (the researcher) in 3 scientific studies, 4 papers, 4 previous notes and 17 published papers in scientific journals.

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