Jack Nawee Nakwatchara

Jack Nawee

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Name: Jack Nawee Nakwatchara
Organization: Grassroots Innovation Networks
Title: Founder
Nawee was born in the rural province of Lopburi, bordering on Thailands northeast region. Although his father was a postal worker, Nawee grew up surrounded by neighbors who farmed their own small plots of land, and he developed a keen interest in farming, protecting the environment, and finding new ways to enhance the livelihoods of farming communities. Nawee has a degree of Thammasat University, where he completed his degree in the field of biotechnology. While there, he worked part-time with Loxinfo, Thailand s main Internet provider, where he gained considerable expertise in information and communication technology. Working with a professor, he developed an animated display of the DNA replication process for classroom use as part of a broader effort to stimulate interest in employing more interactive methods in classroom settings. An active student leader, Nawee was elected student council president for the Faculty of Science at Thammasat. In that role, he encouraged his fellow students to engage in volunteer activities, both in Bangkok and in the surrounding provinces. Unlike most of his classmates, however, who have moved on to technical posts in the industrial sector, Nawee took his biotechnology degree back to a village setting. Nawee volunteered for a project aimed at introducing ICT into rural communities in the northeast of Thailand, and led a team charged with building a community website documenting local wisdom, as described by farmers in their local dialect. In the course of his association with that project, Nawee began to question the effectiveness of the transmission of knowledge to passive participants, and he was thus inspired to found the GIN to develop a new, farmer-initiated experiment and learning approach. On the basis of his work on that project, Nawee has been profiled as a rising social entrepreneur in the book Startup and Change the World, produced by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the Global Knowledge Partnership and the Youth Social Enterprise Institute. More recently, Nawee is now seting up an organic insect farm networks in collaboration with PuPa planet.

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We empower farmers in Northeastern region of Thailand to produce organic insects, a highly nutritive solution for the feed and food sector. Insects have also a much lower environmental impacts e.g. less water, land use, gas emissions, deforestation, and etc than traditional animal protein sources.