Jacob vahr Svenningsen

Jacob Vahr Svenningsen

Name: Jacob vahr Svenningsen
Organization: Egro
Website: http://e-gro.dk
Title: Owner/ Project Manager
In 2009 I decided to live out my dream, quit my job and become an Social Entrepreneur, not to get rich, but to make as big a diference as possible. Currently Im in an incubator program at DTUcreatech (Technical University of Denmark), building my first multinational company, based on emergent market agri business. This after having build a golfcourse over a decade, and educated a team of greenkeepers on another in setting up operations for its mechanical maintenance and irrigation/drainage functions. I grow up in a technological society in a small township of electronics, transport and slaugterhouse industry by the north sea. A mix between a farming and an academic family I was influenced both ways. I did all my studies polymath and autodidact, my main youth interests were in biology, aeronautics, football and golf. Went to build a golf course in 1999 in the plains of river Arno outside Florenz, Tuscany. Aged 20 I trotted my way from Brooklyn, NY to Sonora, Mexico. Then settled in Copenhagen joining the Royal Guards in Denmark, doing sesonal work in the fur industry that my grand father founded. Revisiting in summer periods Italy following the development of the golf course in Italy. Finally to get a job maintaining a golfcourse in middle management south of Copenhagen, Denmark. Specialties Human Resources Networking, cultural liaison, confidence building, and team work. Labour Operating heavy machinery, simple mechanics, landscaping and design, micro calibration of advanced tools. Bio/Geo Weather forecasting, risk assessment/mitigation. Seeding and plant growth acceleration, species recognition, nature pathfinding Computer; Hardware repair and software installations. My interest are Golf, football, nature science, and history.

Challenge Entries

Egro provides training to rural communities in regenerating their land and harvesting rain. Building forest farms for consume and sales.