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Name: Jeannie Javelosa
Organization: ECHOsi Foundation / ECHOstore Sustainable LIfetsyle
Title: President / Founder
I am an advocate for culture, sustainability and gender. Through our foundation's product development programs that help communities level up their products which we sell at our social enterprise and green fair trade store ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle, we saw the need to close the gaps specific to market preparedness and access by small community producers. We also innovated a brand that would help women with their products, only after seeing the gaps in a gender program of government. We became the private sector partner as we saw that majority of micro-entreps and social entrepreneurs are women in the Philippines and need help to reach markets. They could not do it alone, nor could we as retailers. The innovation was closing the gaps as we strengthened the Platform and created the GREAT Women Brand. Both allows for livelihood sustainability, R& D, access to finance support, strategic product development, packaging and design, cultural preservation of traditional processes-designs-creations, certification checks, production capacities, market test and feedback not only in provincial markets but poised for export to regional and global markets. The full platform will allow us to check metrics of the number of women we are trying to economically empower. GREAT after all, is the acronym for "gender responsive economic action for the transformation of women". The biggest achievement to date is that the GREAT Women Platform is now the gender platform of the country. And that ASEAN wants to replicate this in the region during the coming AEC integration, with the GREAT Women brand supporting trade for women owned enterprises in the various economies.

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Dec 08, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Fair trade, Income generation, Marketing, Social enterprise

The GREAT Women Platform includes a Development Program and a Brand that helps market preparedness of products by women up the value and supply chain to niche, international markets.The GREAT Women brand includes lifestyle and selected specialty food products that support artisan work and culture.