Jebeh Kawah


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Name: Jebeh Kawah
Organization: Kawah Systems
Title: Independent Consultant\
Originally a 12+ year IT professional, in 2010, I accepted a position in gender equality advocacy with Liberia's election management body as part of my efforts to diversify my knowledge base and lend support to an important process in nation rebuilding in the country of which I am originally a native, namely Liberia. I’m pleased to note that a core vision of that position was equal empowerment of both genders in all aspects of life (particularly political decision making), which includes capacity building for the underrepresented gender, whether male or female. For me, this translates to a continued pursuit of excellence in either of the fields in which I’ve been engaged: IT and gender advocacy. As such, I have kept my skills updated and I am poised to demonstrate my competency in a number of undertakings, including document projects and facilitating the training of stakeholders in gender, democracy and governance advocacy. I’m adept at adjusting and responding appropriately to varying conditions, and I’m well able to handle the pressure of delivering time-bound solutions to client concerns.

Challenge Entries

Yes Liberia seeks to undertake technical innovation designed to elevate the agricultural experience of farmers in rural Liberia, West Africa. We intend to leverage our skills, knowledge and experience in developmental endeavors in the rural area with proven technologies (satellite, solar panels, etc.) to provide essential tools for poverty elimination for the target groups.