Jeff Horvath


Name: Jeff Horvath
Organization: Canmore Collegiate High School
Title: Aboriginal Liaison Teacher
Jeff Horvath is a member of the Ojibways of Onegaming in north-western Ontario, and was born in Toronto, Ontario. He has lived in Alberta since 1984. He is the Aboriginal Liaison Teacher at Canmore Collegiate High School and is the coordinator of First Nations education (FNMI). As a former Outward Bound Canada instructor, he has co-created an innovative program designed to improve First Nations student high school completion rates. Using the mountains as a classroom, the SAGE Program (Stoney Adventure Group Experience) takes students into the backcountry using experiential education to develop skills that transfer into their day to day lives, empowering them to find academic and personal success. This program is a partnership between CCHS and Outward Bound Canada and began in 2008. He has also worked as an instructor for SAIT Polytechnic and a facilitator at The Banff Centre. His love of mountains has taken him to the Nepalese Himalayas in 1999 and the Peruvian Andes in 2004. When he is not mountain biking, skiing, canoeing, or hiking, you may find him running as a candidate unsuccessfully in federal elections in rural Alberta for a national left leaning federal party. He lives in Canmore, Alberta with his wife Genevieve Soler and their two young children.

Challenge Entries

Sage is a traditional medicine used to heal the spirit. That is why the SAGE Program at Canmore Collegiate High School (CCHS) is so aptly named. The Stoney Group Adventure Experience is a partnership between CCHS and Outward Bound Canada. Our goal is to improve the high school completion rates of FNMI students who attend our school. High School completion rates for First Nation, Metis and Inuit learners are very low in Alberta and very low at Canmore Collegiate High School. SAGE is a year long intervention program for FNMI high school students.